Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Our executive coaching and leadership development programs in Vancouver elevate the talents and experiences of senior leaders to maximize their effectiveness and drive positive change. We coach leaders to constructively confront challenges, develop awareness, and actualize business opportunities.

Why invest in executive coaching?

Busy steering the ship, executives often miss opportunities to develop their leadership capabilities. Even the most capable and talented senior leaders require support to overcome obstacles and achieve their potential. Our executive coaching in Vancouver provides senior leaders with the impartiality of third-party direction and support. Businesses succeed when senior leaders are aware of their strengths and limitations.

Executive coaching helps senior leaders develop the ability to manage and motivate themselves and their teams, thereby benefitting the organization and the people they work with. Coaching gives leaders the tools to constructively confront challenges and gain a sense of personal fulfillment, while they are busy with the day-to-day operation of the business.

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What is executive coaching?

Our executive coaching program in Vancouver involves individualized coaching activities and ongoing feedback. The coach facilitates the co-creation of a leadership growth plan that aligns with the individual’s and organization’s goals. Coaching systematically encourages leaders to:
Consider compatibilities and inconsistencies between their actions and the organization’s goals and values.
Gain awareness of their leadership strengths and development areas.
Address their development areas to further the organization’s goals.
Improve their executive presence and embrace their leadership roles.
Expand their social and cultural awareness.
Motivate and inspire positive performance and team dynamics.
Motivate and inspire positive performance and team dynamics.
Self-reflect and exercise their emotional intelligence.
executive coaching vancouver

What’s included in the package?

Our customized executive coaching package includes:
  • Alignment sessions with the coach and the leader to discuss progress.
  • Unlimited phone and/or video coaching sessions.
  • Interview-based 360° assessment and report compiled by the coach.
  • Full debrief of 360 report and development of a customized leadership development plan.
  • 6 months of full support and shadowing​.

What’s our process?

We customize our executive coaching process in Vancouver to account for the unique talents and circumstances of the leader and their organization. Taking a personalized and confidential approach, our standard process generally involves the following activities:

Step 1

Preparatory tasks to be completed by the leader and the coach.

Step 2

An introductory meeting to identify goals, build rapport and understand the context.

Step 3

An alignment meeting between the leader, the coach, and other relevant members to outline objectives, roles, and responsibilities.

Step 4

An analysis of pertinent performance reviews and feedback.

Step 5

Further leadership assessments, when necessary (i.e.: Strengths Finder, Insights, MBTI, DISC, etc.).

Step 6

360-degree feedback interviews with a cross-section of colleagues.

Step 7

An analysis of the feedback and development of a 360-degree feedback summary report, conducted by the coach.

Step 8

A one-to-one debrief meeting between the coach and the leader to review the feedback and initiate a development plan.

Step 9

A group debrief meeting with the leader, their manager, their HR personnel, and the coach to reflect on the 360-degree feedback and identify key themes for the leadership development plan.

Step 10

A development plan cocreated by the leader and the coach.

Step 11

Bi-monthly coaching meetings to: reflect on the leader’s coaching experience and progress; address questions or challenges; develop skills; share feedback and resources, and set goals.

Step 12

Resources and recommendations are provided by the coach to set the leader up for success with their leadership development plan.

How to get started?

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